Beat Juggernaut In Dota 2: The Best Ways to Do it

Beat Juggernaut In Dota 2: The Best Ways to Do it

Have you ever curious how to beat Juggernaut in Dota 2? Beating your opponents is all about defeating them. To beat the powerful Juggernaut, you need the right heroes. Here the top 5 heroes who can fight Juggernaut.

Beat Juggernaut In Dota 2: The Slippery Slasher is a morphing game.

Morphling’s Waveform is the best thing you can use to fight Juggernaut. You can get away from Jugg’s Blade Fury with this cool defensive move, and it often stops his flashy Omnislash. It’s easy for Morphling to counter Jugg’s harm since he can’t control the crowd like Juggernaut can. When they face off, Morphling is faster than Juggernaut, especially when they have things like Butterfly, Eye of Skadi, and Manta Style.

Beat Juggernaut In Dota 2: Windranger: The Quick Shot

Windranger brings Windrun to the party, which makes her hard for Juggernaut to hit. Omnislash gives you faster moving and better physical avoidance. Not a problem. Windranger is a tough opponent because of his Shackleshot and Focus Fire, which slow down and hurt Juggernaut. He might always eat Monkey King Bar, but Windranger doesn’t care.

Beat Juggernaut In Dota 2: Doom: The Unshakable Threat

Doom, whether it’s core or support, messes up Juggernaut’s plans. Scorched Earth speeds up Doom, which makes Blade Fury less useful. Doom’s best move is his ultimate, which silences Juggernaut and stops him from using his skills or healing. There will be no more Healing Ward tricks or Blade Dance skills that steal lives. This is what Doom says: “Not on my watch.”

The sleepy troublemaker is your enemy.

What is Juggernaut’s worst nightmare? Bane. It keeps Juggernaut on his toes that Brain Sap can lose protection. As a double-edged sword, Nightmare protects friends from Omnislash for a short time when it’s cast on them. Bane’s final attack, Fiend’s Grip, removes Juggernaut from the battle by cutting through debuff immunity. Also, Enfeeble helps keep Jugg from doing too much damage in battle.

The magical threat in Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage is the best at attacking in this fight. Juggernaut is badly hurt by his long-lasting quiet, especially if he doesn’t have any dispel items like Manta Style or Satanic. The high magic damage of Skywrath stops Juggernaut from getting too close. If you time Mystic Flare right, it can turn Juggernaut into a puddle, even if he has Blade Fury on. In the early game, Skywrath Mage is the worst enemy that can stop Juggernaut’s plans.

In Dota 2, a game that is always changing, it’s important to counter your enemies. These five heroes each have their own special abilities that make them the best choice when you’re up against the relentless Juggernaut. Get ready with Holyslots88 , pick a hero wisely, and let the fight begin!