How do you say swimming pool in spanish? (2023)

How do you say swimming pool in Mexico?

Instead, the most common word for pool in Mexico is la alberca. According to La Real Academia Española, the word alberca derives, at its source, from classic Arabic.

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How do you say pool in Spanish slang?

charca in Spanish is “POOL”.

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What's the difference between piscina and alberca?

"La piscina" is a form of "piscina", a noun which is often translated as "swimming pool". "La alberca" is a form of "alberca", a noun which is often translated as "water tank".

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How do you say I go to the swimming pool in a Spanish?

Voy a la piscina a nadar. I'm going to the swimming pool. Voy a la piscina.

(Spanish from the roots)
How do you say swimming pool in Colombia?

  1. swimming pool → piscina, alberca, pileta de natación.
  2. swimming pool → piscina cubierta, piscina, alberca, cuarto de baño, establecimiento de baños.

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What is Piscina Spanish?

Translations. piscina Noun. piscina, la ~ (f) swimming pool, the ~ Noun. ‐ pool that provides a facility for swimming.

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What are the two words that mean pool in Spanish?

Principal Translations
(swimming bath)piscina nf
(AR)pileta nf
(MX)alberca nf
19 more rows

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What does Alverca mean?

swimming pool. alberca. (depósito) tank; reservoir; (México) (piscina) swimming pool; Translate la alverca using machine translators.

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How do you pronounce La Piscina?

  1. pees. - thee. - nah.
  2. pis. - θi. - na.
  3. pis. - ci. - na.

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How do you pronounce pull and pool?

POOL vs. PULL | American English Pronunciation - YouTube

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How do you pronounce the word online?

How to pronounce ONLINE in British English - YouTube

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