Can you swim in any of the Mammoth Lakes? [Solved] (2022)

Can you swim in any of the Mammoth Lakes?

Swimming is allowed in all lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. The Twin Lakes are the lowest of all the lakes (at an elevation of 8500 feet). Continuing up Lake Mary Road, you'll also find Lake Mary, Lake George, Lake Mamie, and Horseshoe Lake.... read more ›

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Can you swim in June Lake Mammoth?

The best place in the Eastern Sierra to enjoy a "day at the beach!" Swim, sunbathe, kayak, SUP, picnic or play frisbee in June Lake, California.... see details ›

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Can you swim in Horseshoe Lake in Mammoth?

Horseshoe Lake in the Mammoth Lakes Basin is a great place for taking a dip in a drive-accessible lake. It's a great option for families, with a beach to spread and launch kayaks or paddleboards. No motorized boats are allowed in Horseshoe Lake, which makes the area especially safe for swimming.... continue reading ›

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Can you swim in Rainbow Falls Mammoth Lakes?

It's longer and a little more strenuous than you think but SO worth the trip. Gorgeous falls with a swimmable pool at the base. Lots of people so go early or late.... read more ›

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Can you swim in Convict Lake Mammoth?

Lake Swimming in Convict Lake

Convict Lake is an ideal location for open-water swimming, with easy access, terrific views, and plenty of room for long-distance workouts.... read more ›

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Can you swim in Emerald Lake Mammoth?

Emerald Lake itself is very small and not great for swimming. You could swim here, but it's pretty green and a bit scummy, so I personally wouldn't get in the water, especially when there are so many great swimming spots around Lake Mary and the other lakes in the basin!... view details ›

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How cold is the water in Mammoth Lakes?

Mammoth Pool Reservoir's current water temperature is 71°F.... view details ›

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Can you swim in Saddlebag lake?

You've got access to a quiet mountain lake for swimming and miles of rugged and secluded hiking trails that lead to some of the best landscape photo opps around. Toilets are provided, but you'll have to quench your own thirst, and the use of bear boxes for your food is mandatory.... view details ›

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Are you allowed to swim in June Lake?

June Lake can also be ideal for paddling or sailing. At the northeast end is a swimming beach, popular in the Summer months, and there are campgrounds and RV parks surrounding the lake as well as in town.... view details ›

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Can you swim in Gull lake?

Our largest beach at Gull Lake Rotary Park is the only waterfront area that has swim docks and is supervised by lifeguards. All other beaches have unsupervised swim areas defined by buoy lines with safety equipment located nearby.... see details ›

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Can you swim in McLeod Lake?

Lake Swimming in McLeod Lake ▣

McLeod Lake offers a great introduction to open-water swimming in subalpine lakes. The water is crystal clear, shallow near the shore but gradually becoming very deep—and much colder—in the middle.... see details ›

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Can you swim at Lake Mary?

Lake Mary is comprised of two sister lakes, Lower Lake Mary and Upper Lake Mary. The former is quite small and not very popular for swimming- fishing, kayaking, and picnicking are more popular activities than swimming.... view details ›

Can you swim in any of the Mammoth Lakes? [Solved] (2022)

Can you swim at Akaka falls?

Visitors can walk a 0.4 mile loop trail that takes you to an overlook of the falls and past a smaller waterfall. An entrance fee of $5 per vehicle is charged. You cannot swim in Akaka Falls.... continue reading ›

How far is Rainbow Falls from Mammoth Lakes?

Falling over a sharp 101-foot drop, Rainbow Falls is an easy 2.5 mile walk from the trailhead at Devil's Postpile National Monument in Mammoth Lakes. The elevation gain is only 300 feet so it's a fairly easy hike to this natural wonder.... view details ›

How tall is Rainbow Pools jump?

Location & Directions
By The Numbers
Total Height15 feet5 meters
Tallest Drop15 feet5 meters
Num of Drops1
Avg. Width10 feet3 meters
11 more rows
Mar 19, 2017

Can u swim in Horseshoe Lake?

Horseshoe Lake is the only lake in the Mammoth Lakes basin where swimming is allowed. This 7 mile loop trail traverses both pavement and single track around the banks of Horseshoe Lake.... see details ›

Where can I swim in June Lake?

June Lake Beach

The shore is shallow, perfect for swimming, floating, or even launching a kayak or paddleboard. You can also fish from the shore, making it a fun spot for the whole family. To access the beach, go to the Oh Ridge campgrounds.... continue reading ›

How do you get to Crystal lake Mammoth?


The Crystal Lake Hike trailhead is located near Lake George campground. To get there, follow Lake Mary Road to Lake George. The trailhead is toward the beginning of the small parking lot near Lake George. There is a sign at the beginning, marking the trail.... read more ›

Where can I swim in Mammoth?

Top 10 Best Swimming near Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
  • June Lake Beach. 13.8 mi. Beaches. ...
  • Horseshoe Lake. 4.0 mi. Lakes. ...
  • Twin Lakes. 3.2 mi. 36 reviews. ...
  • McCleod Lake. 2.4 mi. Hiking, Fishing, Lakes. ...
  • Hot Creek Ranch. 9.9 mi. Fishing, Lakes. ...
  • Lake Mary. 3.2 mi. Lakes. ...
  • June Lake. 13.5 mi. 74 reviews. ...
  • Gull Lake. 12.9 mi. Lakes.

Can you swim in Lake Mary in Mammoth?

Lake Mary receives the highest number of trout stocks in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, and is well-known to anglers for its rainbow, brook and brown trout fishing. No swimming or wading is allowed in the lake.... view details ›

Can u swim in Horseshoe Lake?

Horseshoe Lake is the only lake in the Mammoth Lakes basin where swimming is allowed. This 7 mile loop trail traverses both pavement and single track around the banks of Horseshoe Lake.... continue reading ›

Can you swim in Twin Lakes Co?

Although Twin Lakes are considered glacial lakes, their water temperatures range from 65°–75° in the summer months, which allows for a comfortable swim. Twin Lakes also feature a nearby quaint village and offer outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, camping, biking, horseback riding and more.... continue reading ›

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